Jean and her Walter

      Bargeron has a medical/business/art/photography/life background and has been active in her field teaching, learning and doing for more than 50 years.

      Spending hours with each client she learns about her subject(s) and moves towards understanding their goals, be it a landscape or formal portrait.

      Often an extensive photo shoot of the subject is necessary. “The shoot helps the artist really capture the subject doing what it is that he or she loves, be it a chef cooking, a golfer in full swing or a child at play.” She then works in her studio to finish the piece.

      Jean works mainly in oils, though water color & pencil are also familiar media.

      “The time spent with the client is so important. It gives me a sense of their personality, energy and spirit. To do it differently would not produce the same result.”

      “I invite you to call me and open a discussion on your project, be it a portrait of a loved one, an active, spirited painting of a child, a pet, or a landscape of a very favorite venue.”

      Her vast and varied experience gives a uniqueness to her work. Capturing the moment is what drives her work, capturing human nature and natural joy is her goal. “I will always work with my client to that end.”

      Locally her work can be seen at the Lake Street Gallery in Miller, IN or her home studio in Ogden Dunes, IN.